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Structural Protections


◦ Contracted cash flow

◦ Performance guarantee

◦ Excess cash flow

◦ Over collateralization

High returns through stable income

Sustainable Income, LLC is a special opportunities fund focused on private credit and stable, long-term, cash-flowing assets.




We partner with our borrowers, offering advice, contacts, and best practices as well as capital.  

We seek to grow relationships organically over time.


The Principals at Sustainable Income bring a breadth of experience in private credit, finance, and business operations developed through backgrounds with private lenders, securitizers, broker dealers, top-tier investment banks, hedge funds, and operating businesses. We specialize in esoteric private credit opportunities throughout the United States and across many industry sectors.


Investment size typically ranges from $100,000 to $5 million. Tenor tends to be one to ten years with a preference for shorter duration.  We are generally a senior secured lender, but have the ability to invest in second lien and unsecured positions in certain circumstances.  

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